Discovering golf at the beginning of the school year: 7 reasons to take up golf

Published on : Sep 16, 2021

The summer is over, everyone is back to school and back to work. And if September marks the return to work, it also signals the idea of a new sporting activity. It's decided, you want to discover golf in the autumn!

Your friends talk about it all the time, and you finally want to take the plunge. Great idea! In addition to being an invigorating outdoor physical activity, golf has multiple health benefits, both physical and mental. In this article, we'll outline the 7 must-have reasons to take up golf this fall.

Contents :

  1. Discover golf to refocus on nature;
  2. Networking and socialising through golf;
  3. Take advantage of free introductory lessons with the French Golf Federation;
  4. Wear Chiberta women's golf clothing, a chic and elegant French brand;
  5. Learn to play golf for its many health benefits;
  6. Golf, a sport accessible to all;
  7. You don't need state-of-the-art equipment to get started.

1/ Discover golf to refocus on nature

The charm of playing golf is the spirit of freedom it brings. Strolling around the course for hours on end, taking the time to walk through this immense green space, breathing in the fresh air. It is certainly one of the best anti-stress remedies that exist. On the green, forget your worries, enjoy the beautiful landscape, and spend a warm and friendly moment with friends. Moreover, the September-October period offers an ideal climate for the practice. Don't hesitate any longer, and go for it!

2/ Develop your network at the beginning of the school year and socialise through golf

Taking up golf is a great way to meet new people and develop your network. By taking out a club licence, you are guaranteed to participate in member events and make new contacts. You can play with friends as well as strangers. It is a great option for meeting people and socialising.

3/ Take advantage of free introductory lessons with the French Golf Federation

The French Golf Federation offers free introductory lessons for beginners. All you have to do is find the golf club nearest to you, and off you go!

Also, get the pass Go For Golfwhich allows you to benefit from 4 hours of group lessons over a month, and the loan of equipment. These are ideal initiatives to help as many people as possible discover golf during the back-to-school period.


4/ Wear Chiberta women's golf clothes, a chic and elegant French brand

It's good to start playing golf this fall. Wearing a good, comfortable outfit, specially designed for this sport, is even better!

Chiberta is a French brand of women's golf clothing, created in 1979. The company offers an authentic range of products that exude Basque know-how. When you know that the South-West is THE golfing destination par excellence, Chiberta is the brand of choice.

Bermudas, skirts, trousers, polo shirts, dresses or shorts, find the style that makes you shine! In fact, if you're wondering which women's golf outfit to choose, we've written an article on this subject!

5/ Learn golf for its many health benefits

Golf and its effects on the brain

It is known that golfers maintain a good visualization of their environment. Their ability to think about the trajectory of a ball and the information needed (about the wind, the slope, etc.) to make their shot is also excellent for the brain.

More importantly, it has been proven that after a few years, golfers develop a greater reactivity than non-golfers. These neuroanatomical changes limit brain ageing. However, to achieve such results, it is necessary to practice regularly and steadily, at least fifteen hours a week.


Playing golf to work on your posture and keep fit

Playing on an 18-hole course promises a nice little walk of about 4 to 5.5 hours, or the equivalent of 6 to 7km. This is a godsend when you consider the many health benefits of walking. In addition, the practice helps to maintain muscle strength, thanks to a sequence of several complex movements. A good recipe for maintaining good physical condition over the long term.

6/ Golf, a sport accessible to all

The beauty of this sport is that whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or a professional, there is always good humour and support on the course. Taking up golf allows you to meet people from all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds and all genders. There is no need to feel uncomfortable because you are a beginner.

A friend can teach you the basics and then help you develop. However, don't skip a session with a professional for a golf lesson or lessons. Whether private or group, they are a key part of a golfer's development!

7/ No need for state-of-the-art equipment to start

As a beginner, you don't necessarily need a full bag. For example, you can select a 3-wood, 5-9 irons, a wedge and a putter.

In addition, you can totally benefit from used bags, or demonstration bags. Don't hesitate to ask around at your favourite golf shops near you. They will surely have used equipment that you can use.

3 questions to discover golf at the beginning of the school year

Why discover golf at the beginning of the school year?

With its many physical and mental health benefits, golf is the perfect physical activity to start the new school year!

What women's clothing should I choose to start golfing?

Chiberta Golfwear offers a whole range of women's golf clothing, designed for both practice and everyday life. An authentic, refined and elegant collection!

Can you play golf as a beginner?

Absolutely! The French Golf Federation offers free introductory courses, and passes giving access to lessons and equipment loans. Go at your own pace, and have fun!



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