Chiberta : the golf clothing brand for women

Discover our history, a women's golf clothing brand created in 1979.

French elegance

women's golf apparel brand since 1979

The Chiberta brand was born in the Basque Country in 1979, the cradle of golf in France. The first collections were inspired by the famous Basque striped fabrics for shorts and skirts.
Since 1979 CHIBERTA has remained faithful to its 3 values:

    The creation through the permanent research of the most beautiful materials, the elegant and comfortable cuts.
    The freedom to undertake and the freedom to dare a singular style for all the golfers who trust us.
    Freedom of movement by using technical and stretch fabrics that allow for extremely fluid movements.
    French brand with a 100% French design. A continuous effort to establish long-lasting partnerships with fabric suppliers in the European Union. The guarantee of the respect of the social standards at all our European and local manufacturers.
Arnaud Beaudéant

Manager, Chiberta Golfwear

"Chiberta, the women's golf apparel brand.
French elegance with fresh and bold collections."

100% inspired

100% French design

Discover the inspirations of summer 21 through its themes that range from timeless to daring outfits.

Our commitments

French excellence

In this difficult year for all of us, Chiberta hopes to bring elegance, comfort, refinement and pleasure to all women golfers.

Design and style in France

Design and style in France by our Basque teams.

High quality and technical materials

(Anti UV, breathable, water repellent, bi-stretch) from France, Portugal, Spain, Italy...

Fitted, comfortable and elegant cuts

Local manufacturing for fitted cuts that are always comfortable and elegant.




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